Design for Disaster is an environmentally responsive digital blueprint for rapid emergency shelter deployment focused on the needs of women and girls.

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The physical layout of housing, hygiene and service areas rarely include women’s actual needs for survival and safety. 

Many women and girls never seek shelter or relief.

The configuration of emergency shelter encampments compounds violence.

Design for Disaster makes emergency shelters safe.

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  • ALERT for disaster

  • ACTIVATE emergency response

  • COMMUNICATE with response teams & stakeholders

  • DEPLOY blueprints for camp configuration

  • LOCATE dispersed family members

For First Responders:

How it works:

Utilizing the technology of land survey apps to measure and mark terrain, first responders can quickly deploy shelter encampments according to responsive blueprints that maximizes stakeholder safety.

User recognition and geo-locate capabilities can quickly reconnect families with members separated during evacuation procedures.

Who it's for:

  • Government agencies

  • First responders

  • NGOs

  • Community stakeholders

  • Camp administrators

Additional features:

  • Notifications: supplies, housing status, recovery status

  • Accounting: tools for streamlined accounting capabilities that remain transparent to stakeholders as well as camp administrators (per Hovey and Landsman 2003)


  • Educational: hygiene, negotiation, primary caretaker support

Building safety from the ground up.

Designing for the most vulnerable groups benefits everyone.