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Our Impact

As a social impact company, SINGE is driven by a social purpose that is global to the company and shared across all products and services: 
Unlocking human potential by providing foundational tools for physical safety and security in order to redirect valuable resources and free up a greater diversity of voices that can contribute towards long-term solutions for local, global and systemic challenges.
We measure our success by the qualitative impact our products have on individuals and communities, aiming for long-term sustainability as a result of systemic change.


  • 2500+ women are program graduates

  • 1 in 5 women change their hair

  • 34% join fitness or martial arts school

  • 15% women apply for a better position, start a new job or launch a new career

  • 11% certify to become trainers

  • 5+ new social impact initiatives launched, co-created by women who connect at Pretty Deadly 

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Case Study:

12.2019: A one-year-old blockchain start-up used WorkSafe to address an office party sexual harassment incident that caused 98% of its female workforce to quit, requiring company-wide re-training and new policy implementation.

12.2020: The company has been carefully been rebuilding its female employee base while implementing WorkSafe solutions since the incident. Female employees make up over 20% of this start-up's workforce across all departments.


12.2022: Female workbase continues to grow. Employee retention averages 3+ years.



MVP market test & analysis via social media platforms

  • 95-90% user engagement

  • Reach x7-x10 times the expected/initial userbase 

  • 1:3 share ratio

  • 45 days lifetime share

  • 76% user adoption (bookmarks / saves)

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Image by Levi Meir Clancy

Case Study:

White paper authored by SINGE CEO Susie Kahlich titled Designing for Disaster: What does design for future cities really look like? was requested for use and implemented as a teaching tool by UX Collective as part of World-Class Designer School: a college-level, tuition-free design school focused on preparing young and talented African designers for the local and international digital product market. 


SINGE prioritizes ESG compliance across every area of business:

  • Dispersed team and remote work, reducing commute and carbon footprint costs

  • Full paperless customer service

  • Accessibility and inclusivity areat the heart of all SINGE products

  • All products focus on eliminating gender-based violence as a foundational component to reach gender equality

  • Every product incorporates a model for economic empowerment in its design and/or roadmap

  • We vet our supply chain to complay with sustainability practices 

  • Transparent business processes and shareholder structure

  • Headquartered in Berlin, Germany

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