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Global Fusion Squad Wins Again!

All participants of the Mobidatalab Hackathon at Hove in Paris

The team that placed first at the MobiDataLab. Datathon in May continue their winning streak at MobiDataLab's Hackathon, sponsored by HOVE in Paris.

The Challenge

Continuing the development of a comprehensive approach to evaluate the inclusivity and equity of MaaS for people with disabilities, SINGE CEO Susanne Kahlich, and data scientists Ulugbek Ruziboev and Ferdous Nasri come together again as the Global Fusion Squad to take on MobiDataLab's next challenge: Hackathon!

This time, the team met in Paris and took on the Paris City challenge: find new walking strategies for the City of Light.

Making Paris More Walkable

The team developed its original solution in May into a platform to upcycle existing city data to form additional dimensions of anaylsis and reports in identifying challenges and improvements in infrastructure for people with disabilities.

The solution relies on available urban data such as pedestrian density, public toilet location, hospital positions, and other traffic data. Combining various data sets, it identifies pedestrianization opportunities, and congestion mitigation options, but also assesses data quality and enables automated data processing for specific formats. Global Fusion Squad's rich contribution provided key insights for the city of Paris's current work on local walkability improvement.

Second Place in Paris

Participants presented their results in three minutes pitches, orchestrated by an iron timekeeper from the MobiDataLab partners, followed by a short Q&A from city representatives and jury members.

Although only dedicated 24 hours of work to the Hackathon solution, the diversity of data exploited and solution focuses led to many key inputs to take home for the cities involved. Global Fusion Squad was pleased to win second place this time, and motivated to continue working on their platform solution.

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