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HALO partners with Safetipin

HALO and Safetipin work together to make cities safe for women and girls.

A shared commitment to safety for women and girls

SINGE CEO Susie Kahlich and Safetipin CEO Dr. Kalpana Viswanath share a vision for a world that provides safety and security for women and girls in mobility. Both social impact companies signed an MoU outlining steps to oversee a safety audit of two German cities, provide data collection and a safety score as a baseline for measurement of the effectiveness of the HALO API. Once all data has been analyzed, HALO can be tailored for the specific needs of the urban environment, and integrated in to the Safetipin Night app to provide users with digital guides to getting home safe.

Building safer cities together

Safetipin and HALO both highlight the importance of increasing mobility for women and provide access to more education options, better jobs, and to disrupt the cycle of poverty.

Kicking off with kicks

The partnership kicked off at Daftarkhwan North on 16 December with a 2-workshop focusing on body literacy over bodily harm. Led by certified Pretty Deadly Trainer Humay Waseem, the workshop will focus on simple techniques to learn balance, centering and, of course, badass moves.

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