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Pretty Deadly featured in US News

Pretty Deadly was featured in local newspaper The Alpena News as coach Skella graduated the first Pretty Deadly class in the US.

“As a personal trainer, I found there was a common theme among the women I worked with. Many were interested in learning self-defense, but they were not comfortable with the traditional class structures that were being offered," Johnson said.

First Graduating Class

In the final class of the first US-based Pretty Deadly six-week course, participants were not only demonstrating the skills they had learned, but they were clearly having a good time, laughing with each other and helping each other hone their skills.

Johnson Named as Master Trainer

Cristi “Skella” Johnson, operates her practice out of Joshua Tree Studio in Alpena, and now represents Pretty Deadly US as its first Master Trainer. “Being invited to lead the team of Pretty Deadly Trainers in the U.S. is nothing short of a dream for me,” Johnson said.

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