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SINGE Team wins Datathon

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The SINGE team placed first in the MobiDataLab. Datathon sponsored by HERE Technologies in Berlin.

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop a comprehensive approach to evaluate the inclusivity and equity of MaaS for people with disabilities. Utilizing data from the city of Milan, we identified a target demographic that embodied the most mobility challenges, and then explored patterns of inter-city movement in relation to public transport stations.

The team was able to explore city public transportation and demographic data, discover what is being collected, what might be missing, and find new ways to work with what is already there to bridge data gaps and find a new approach to analyzing data.

Diverse Team Formed Onsite

The team (renamed Global Fusion Squad), was made up of CEO Susie Kahlich (USA), SINGE CSO Dr. Margarita Diaz-Cortes (Mexico), Ulugbek Ruziboev (Uzbekistan), and Fardous Nasri (Iran).

Each team member brought their own education background, areas of focus and expertise, and wisdom from their unique life experiences to create a very human-centric approach that can lead to simplifying processes rather than creating complicated routes to finding new solutions.

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