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Workplace sexual harassment retraining workshops and corporate wellbeing platform

Companies with the highest incidences of sexual harassment underperform the in stock market by approximately 19.9 per cent the subsequent year.

WorkSafe is a sexual harassment training and policy system that combines live workshops with digital tools for implementation, monitoring, reporting, and measuring outcomes for HR and management team.


WorkSafe uses project-based learning and interactive gamification to address harassment incidents, foster deeper engagement for healthy company culture, and ensure a sustainable future for corporate environments.

Platform and e-learning tools allow teams to iterate their own workshops and learn at their own pace

It was amazing to watch our employees getting real-time confirmation that our customers live the same values and what we do matters!

Alexandra Neyman | Marketing Manager

GoDaddy Germany

Decrease in workplace bullying & harassment
+€1 000 000
Saved in PR triage
+3 Yrs
Employee retention
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