Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes.

Margaret Wheatley

Susanne Kahlich is the founder of SINGE GmbH. She believes in creating accessible solutions and innovative partnerships as necessary tools for connecting individuals and building communities for shifting global populations.


Susanne has spent much of her career developing the creative communication solutions necessary to connect and drive growth across divergent sectors. By providing a platform for ideation, and applying her talent for identifying overlooked and unexpected markets, she guides creators through the changes ahead by combining analog and tech into products that maximize the value of their unique voices.

She is also a storyteller, martial artist and lifelong advocate against gender-based violence.

Ulugbek Ruziboev is the Lead Data Scientist of SINGE GmbH. He believes in supporting informed growth through data excellence, utilizing the power of data to develop more accessible services and innovative routes to sustainability.

Ulugbek is an experienced Data Scientist with a strong background in data analysis, machine learning, project and data management. Over 6 years of full-time experience, including roles at Seven Senders, SOLA, Telia Company, and Coca-Cola. Skilled in Python, SQL, data visualization, and analytics. He has a proven track record of driving business growth through data-driven insights and innovative solutions, and is passionate about leveraging data to solve complex problems.

He is also a proud father and husband, son and brother. 

Project Management & Development Team

Data Engineer, Lead Developer
Python, SQL, Docker, HBase, REST API, MapReduce, Linux, Git, et al.

  • Nord Security

  • Ultra Tendency Int’l

  • Innocow GmbH

Front End Developer
Flutter, Dart, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, SEO (Google, Yandex)

  • Safe City

  • Al Hadeeth

  • ProGarage

Software Engineer
Dart, Flutter, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Git.

  • IQRO Soft

  • EPAM Systems


Project Manager
Sustainable Cities, Urban Mobility

  • TIER Mobility

  • moovel Group

  • Women in Mobility

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