SINGE GmbH creates accessible multi-media solutions and innovative partnerships as key tools for connecting individuals and building communities for shifting global populations.

SINGE GmbH develops and produces digital and live events, from workshops and seminars to full course curriculums, corporate policy and professional training, that promote gender equality, physical safety, and inclusion.

Our products promote accessible, replicable, and scalable solutions that integrate technology with hyper-localization, working directly with stakeholders to create a hybrid approach that maximizes the full potential of our clients. 

Our Core Values


We build bridges across gender, "race", dogma, and disability divides to create safe platforms where all voices are supported and valued.  


We develop strong communities that both nurture and are nurtured by diverse voices as the foundation for healthy environments.


We foster empowerment through self representation and self determination as key contributors to resilient communities. 


We promote responsible stewardship and lateral accountability for long-term sustainability and growth.