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Transportation Safety Cards


API delivering digital safety guides for mobility apps.

Over 55% of women globally report harassment and threats to safety in their daily commute.

HALO are digital safety guides that integrate into mobility apps. HALO works with client's data to deliver solutions that fit user's needs: from e-scooter docking stations to car-sharing pick-up points to train platforms, HALO provides instant-access digital guides instructing women about the procedures for dealing with threatening or emergency situations, providing women with tools to safely de-escalate, disrupt and evacuate.


By pinpointing and measuring  change in perception of safety via outcome behavior, HALO provides accurate data for smarter security budget spends, lower liability, and increasing user adoption and stickiness to mass transit, ride sharing and new mobility solutions.

HALO was originally launched as "Transportation Safety Cards" 

It's so simple, but such an obvious solution.

Pedro Homem de Gouveia, POLIS

User adoption
+21 000
User engagement
Share rate

Results based on market research testing and market analysis via prototype release on social media platforms.

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