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Digital Safety Cards provide clearly illustrated tips and techniques to empower commuters with physical safety. Integrated into existing Maas and ride-hailing apps, Safety Cards are free to access by users and easy to understand by everyone.

Utilizing the elegantly simple solution of safety cards in airplanes, our API integrations sends data in real time to mass transit controllers and ride-hailing developers who can monitor hot spots for users and significantly improve rider safety.

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The 7-minute Safety App Gap

After the media attention surrounding women’s safety in recent years, companies such as Lyft and Uber have added an SOS button to their apps. A number of tracking apps have been brought to market as well. While the integratons and apps are commendable, they are solutions that leave a gap.  


From first alert to location arrival, the shortest recorded emergency service response time is 7 minutes. Whether using the metro, taking a cab, or walking, a lot can happen in those 7 minutes.


Integrating Safety Cards into rideshare and mobility apps through API technology, allows women access to immediate information on how to disrupt, de-escalate and get away in that 7-minute gap before help arrives.

How it works

Businesses and mass transit systems can integrate the Safety Cards functionality through our Public API or our Enterprise Suite (which includes SDKs for offline use). 


Mass Transit Systems

Safety cards can be integrated into MaaS ticketing systems, providing transit authorities with real-time data on potential hotspots for riders, so cities can focus safety resources on specific locations, saving millions per year in budgets normally allocated to additional police presence.


Ride-hailing Apps

Safety cards can work with existing ride-hailing apps to reduce churn and increase customer loyalty.


Tracking Apps

Working in tandem with tracking apps gives users tools to navigate those 7-minutes while waiting for help to arrive.


Other uses


First- and last mile


Foreign city travel




Driver Safety


Winner: movmi Empower Women in Shared Mobility Award


We are proud to be chosen as this year's winner in movmi's EmpowerWISM Mobility Award for our Safety Cards! 

movmi is a Canadian-based agency focused on Shared Mobility across all sectors, building  healthier communities by co-creating innovative mobility solutions that increase transportation options, while reducing dependency on private car ownership. 

Specializing in Shared Mobility Architecture, movmi is responsible for the design, planning and launch of new shared mobility services and we have won several awards for our work.

In 2021 movmi launched the Empower Women in Shared Mobility program in collaboration with ABB, ITSAmerica, UITP and GoWithFlow. The winner of the program will receive a growth support package that includes:

  • A 12 month mentoring package with movmi

  • Access to the partnership and judges network to grow their business

  • PR opportunities throughout the year to showcase their work