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MobiDataLab Codagon: Global Fusion Squad Trifecta

Global Fusion Squad wins 2nd Place

Global Fusion Squad (Ulugbek Ruziboev, Ferdous Nasri andSINGE CEO Susanne Kahlich) continued development on the data sharing platform they ideated for the MobiDataLab Hackathon, and first conceptulized based on their 1st place solution for MobiDataLab's Datathon. Naming the data-sharing platform Citiva, the goal is to upcycle existing city data to maximize accessibility, walkability and sustainability for cities across the EU. The award ceremony took place in Leuven, Belgium, and was attended by Mr. Ruziboev and Ms. Kahlich, with Ms. Nasri attending online.

Mentorship and Insight

The panel of judges and organizers of the MobiDataLab experiment proved to be excellent mentors, offering guidance and insight about availability of data and innovative applications, as well as steering the teams through the difficult terrain of GDPR regulations. Special thanks to Thierry Chevallier, coordinator of MobiDataLabs, Johannes Laure of HERE Technologies, Tu-Tho Thai of ITxPT , as well as the entire team at F6S, for their input.

Final Stage of MobiDataLab's Multi-year Data Project

MobiDataLab is the EU-funded lab for prototyping new mobility data sharing solutions. Our aim is to foster data sharing in the transport sector, providing mobility organising authorities with recommendations on how to improve the value of their data, contributing to the development of open tools in the cloud, and organising hackathons aiming to find innovative solutions to concrete mobility problems.

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