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Pretty Deadly on BBC4 Women's Hour

Updated: Nov 15

BBC4 Women's Hour

Pretty Deadly founder and SINGE CEO Susanne Kahlich on BBC4 Women's Hour

Self Defense Against Dog Attacks

Pretty Deadly founder Susanne Kahlich was invited to provide a an expert opinion and advice on BBC4's Women's Hour, supporting a segment focused on a young woman who was attacked by unruly dogs in a park in London. Dog attacks have been on the rise in the UK over the past several months, and joggers, hikers and citizens just out for a stroll are feeling vulnerable.

Tips from Pretty Deadly's Solo Travel Self Defense Workshops

Defending against stray dogs and wild animals is part of Pretty Deadly's signature Self Defense for Solo Travel workshops, that include encounters with strays on the El Camino trail, as well as wild boar, mountain lions, bear and deer when hikding and camping in Europe and North America, and handling wild monkeys when traveling in Southeast Asia. Two-legged animals are also addressed in Self Defense for Music Festivals and Self Defense for Foreign Cities modules.

Listen to the episode:

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