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Pretty Deadly partners with Pakistan co-working giant Daftarkhwan

Updated: Feb 22

Offering Daftarkhwan members access to on-site self defense classes.

Pretty Deadly at Daftarkhwan

In an agreement brokered by Pretty Deadly Director of Business Development and Partnerships Zee Malik, Pakistan's co-working giant Daftarkhwan has invited Pretty Deadly to a longterm partnership promoting on-site mixed gender self defense classes as a value-add for its members. Daftarkhwan members are able to access all of Pretty Deadly's personal and corporate products for a members-only discount, while Pretty Deadly works with Daftarkhwan to make self defense accessible to both members and the public at all eight Daftarkhwan locations across Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Prioritizing women's safety

Daftarkhwan head of partnerships is keen to prioritize women's safetu.

Kicking off with kicks

The partnership kicked off at Daftarkhwan North on 16 December with a 2-workshop focusing on body literacy over bodily harm. Led by certified Pretty Deadly Trainer Humay Waseem, the workshop will focus on simple techniques to learn balance, centering and, of course, badass moves.

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